An ‘Only in Jersey’ Moment

A Non-Real Estate Experience or Two

Fine Beach Real Estate

Fine Real Estate

I had a great summer and end of summer since I got back.  The house is pretty set.  I got a few things I have to take care of here and there. But just about everything is under control.  I don’t know if today is a day to drop some book knowledge. So no titles, or mortgages.  I won’t even bring up the roof repairs that needed to be done.

I think I’ll just let you know about the weekend experience.

It has to do with my girlfriend and her BFF Gina.

It’s a Jersey Thing

Here was the conversation:

“Oh My God! They are so amazing!” That is my girlfriend.  “They’re real Swarovski crystals too!” Queue the excited screams.

They were talking about her new running shoes that she got online.  Brand new glitter Nikes with the whole Nike swoosh thing on the side covered in rhinestones. Excuse me…Swarovski crystals.  I don’t know if they make you faster but they would NOT make you manlier.

Now I’m familiar with Swarovski only because over the years I have invested in my girls happiness, and nothing makes her happier than when she is wearing something sparkly and believe me, she is finding a lot of that now-a-days.

I wouldn’t have thought that sneakers you wear to the gym or when you are running could be such a big deal.  It’s not like they are Jordans from when I was young.  But ever since I got her an Ipad she has been finding a lot of stuff that seems to make her say “Awesome!”

She has her favorites online that make their own custom shoes, hats, boots, and it all seems like they like to make them very sparkly.

A Location For A Gym

Like I said I’m a pretty simple guy.  I like what I like.  I’ll go and sweat with her at the gym and not do my make-up.

I’ve actually been thinking about leasing some space for a gym a good friend of mine has been a trainer for years and if I can find the right location, with the right circumstance. I may be all about it.

Until next time.


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