About Me

About Me

Hi I’m Sal.

This blog will feature everything about New Jersey and living life here in my home state.

My favorite topics in the world honestly.

In creating this blog, I was thinking of having a forum that discusses all the interesting things about NJ, topics, thoughts and occurrences. However, when it comes to opinions, I know that there are different varieties out there so all thoughts can be freely discussed and featured in this blog. Keep it clean though!

You will find that most of my topics will revolve around these topic and you are free to leave your comments and observations on every post that I make. The comments section is made for the readers of this blog to share their thoughts and opinions. I would like to talk to people who share my interests and exchange ideas on what I should post next. All ideas are welcome and I will be very glad to answer any questions that you may have.

I am a Real Estate Enthusiast and I have been involved in it for quite a few years. I find that the what I’ve learned about people and places can affect all aspects of life and that’s pretty cool.

Hopefully I can share with you something that may help you along your journey as well!